The sound of solitude

It’s quiet here.

The school year started today, with a half day’s worth of orientation for Macsen and a full day for the twins. I’m still working from home, though, and much as I moan about distractions, it is unnervingly quiet today.

I’m still the first up, though, but have decided to take a walk first thing in the morning rather than after I’ve finished work. This has the double advantage of allowing me to be out of the way during the breakfast chaos and ensuring that I am home to hold the fort when the kids start rushing off to various evening activities — which start tomorrow.

Normally I’d still be commuting when these activities start up, but since I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future, we might as well take advantage of my availability.

Morning walks are quiet as well. And cold. But not as cold as standing around at the train station.

I miss standing around at the train station.

I haven’t had a warm sausage roll for almost six months.

I don’t really have anything to say. But I don’t want to break my 113 day streak.

And it’s really quiet here.

17 thoughts on “The sound of solitude

  1. Hi Paul, this is such a lovely post. I chuckled at the “breakfast chaos” comment; it plays vividly in my mind and I pleasantly chuckle. I have no kids yet, but I fully understand what you mean because I have worked with kids before, and that’s why your morning walk before anyone is up yet is such a peaceful moment like you describe. Everything makes sense with that gorgeous surrounding of yours and nature instantly calms your nerves.
    Thank you for a simple but meaningful post.
    You seriously miss standing at a train station? To each their own I guess! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment, it’s much appreciated 🙂

      I do miss the train station a bit. Not so much for the standing around in the cold but for the cup of coffee and warm sausage roll to which I treat myself while waiting 😉

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      1. Haha, you described what I was thinking about; standing out there in the cold, but it’s not all bad though because I like to watch people and try to figure them out. Weird I know, but I do.

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        1. I’m not really much of a people-watcher but, over the months and years, I have gotten to know people by sight. Over time it becomes really noticeable how habitual we all are.

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  2. Not having much to say is no reason to break the streak. Keep the streak going at all costs.
    At all costs.
    Unless you can get a warm sausage roll. That’s an acceptable reason to break the streak.

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    1. It’s completely arbitrary for me. I’ve had lengthy periods in the past where I haven’t posted anything, then pick it up again quite easily when the mood takes me.

      More than anything, it just shows how easily manipulated I am when faced with the little messages from WordPress telling me the length of my streak.

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