Not a dragonfly

The heatwave has finally abated and I no longer have an excuse for avoiding a daily walk. Which is lucky because it allowed me the opportunity to see this little guy, which the ObsIdentify app identified as a Blue Featherleg with 100% confidence.


This would make it a damselfly, and not a dragonfly as I had initially assumed. Clearly, I still know nothing.

5 thoughts on “Not a dragonfly

  1. Wait… there’s an app to identify bugs? I need that for trees especially when I’m reading because apparently authors seem to know every single tree there is. Anyway, yay to walking! It’s bizarre to think just how much of a walk in nature can boost your mood.


    1. There is. ObsIdentify.

      It works really well and, rather nicely, gives you a percentage as to how confident it is of the identification. I have found that the closer you can zoom in on the bug, the better it is at identifying it.

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