School’s in!

It’s confirmed:

The nation’s children and young people will resume their education from September at a normal rhythm of five days a week, the ministers from all three communities have agreed.

This applies to all schools, as well as higher education and adult training and all establishments will be operating on code yellow. This is one level above Code Green, which applies when everything is under control. Code Yellow indicates that the spread of the virus is limited and requires all pupils to wear a mask when social-distancing cannot be observed.

“Priority has been given to the psycho-social and educational issues of school attendance for children and adolescents, while dealing with security requirements as flexibly as possible,” the ministers said in a joint statement. In each establishment, everyone agrees to respect the common rules.

Should the local situation require it, a school or group of schools can switch to code orange. That would involve lessons half-time in school and half-time elsewhere, but only for the second and third degrees of secondary school (year three to year six).

This is good news because school is about more than drumming facts into students and the social and social development aspects are important. Being stuck at home all day and every day is wearing — both for the children and their parents.

This also means, of course, that we can start talking about back-to-school face masks.


6 thoughts on “School’s in!

  1. You’re right that it’s completely draining to watch children and young people stuck at home. I’m not sure how it’s like for you, but watching my little sister frown 24/7 from boredom has been frustrating. Though I can’t say she feels all that safe to return to college, there won’t be any need for masks is what I’m hearing. Yikes.

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    1. We’re quite lucky in that we have a reasonably large garden and a nearby nature walk, so the kids are able to get outside. The hardest part for them was missing their friends.

      My oldest son is expected to wear a mask at school, but the twins are younger and, for their age group, masks are being seen as being more problematic than beneficial.

      Things seem to be going okay so far, and the schools and authorities seem to have reasonable handle on managing the return. Fingers are crossed for the rest of the year…

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