It’s day forever of a heatwave that’s been ongoing since last week, and it’s been getting worse. The temperature over the past few days has hit the mid 30s and we have been sheltering indoors until things start to become bearable, which is not until after 7:00pm.

I’ve not been for a walk for the past couple of days because it’s been too damn hot. Even when it’s bearable to sit outside, it’s still too warm to try exercising — especially as I’m supposed to be wearing a face mask when on the street.

We did have a bit of a shower last night which has cooled things off that I was able to enjoy a decent night’s sleep. It’s not over yet, though, and the temperature is forecast hit 35° this afternoon.

I’m thinking I should go and sit in the basement until the weekend when the thunderstorms arrive.

4 thoughts on “Heatwave

        1. We’re in the Kempen, yes. I hadn’t realised it was the hottest part of the country.

          It 32 degrees and almost 8:00 in the evening. This is way too hot.


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