So much for cutting red tape

Remember when Brexiters were constantly complaining about EU red tape? So now there’s this:

Under extraordinary proposals, truckers driving on designated roads to Dover and the Eurotunnel at Folkestone will need a digital, 24-hour “Kent access permit” which would be issued to them in advance of travel if they can confirm they have the required paperwork to take their goods across the border.

Chris Yarsley, policy manager for Road Infrastructure at Logistics UK, said the “Kent permit” plan was tantamount to creating an “internal U.K. border.” Drivers who don’t have one would face £300 fines and their lorries could be impounded if they don’t pay.

It used to be that a haulier could drive from Newcastle to Spain with no more than a cursory check in Calais. Under these proposals, a British haulier can’t even drive into Kent.

Or are we supposed to believe that a Brexit Border is somehow a good thing?

6 thoughts on “So much for cutting red tape

  1. The issue was never the red tape, it was that we make perfectly good red tape in this country so we didn’t need to import that European rubbish. Although we might yet change the colour of our tape to blue to reflect our sovereignty…

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    1. I know, it’s insane.

      I don’t think the Brexiters ever really knew what they were trying to achieve, which is a large part of why they are making such a mess of it now.

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