Five Things #40

Once More Unto the Breach (But Don’t Worry, the Inflatable Swords Are Latex-Free) by Tina Connolly is a genuinely funny story about the endless challenge of parenting.

“Sometimes, when we all act on our preferences, we end up collectively worse off. Wearing masks is the flipside of this: by acting against our preference and wearing them, we might end up collectively better off by having fewer infections and escaping lockdowns.” Chris Dillow considers maskphobia.

“Some critics want you to think Ed Wood’s film is the worst ever made. But there are actually plenty of things to admire about the schlock classic.” Kieran Fisher considers the everlasting power of Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Alan Parker died last week. Tom Jolliffe celebrates the career of one of Britain’s greatest directors.

Dan Nosowitz asked leading entomologists: “What’s The Smartest Bug In The World?

3 thoughts on “Five Things #40

  1. Turns out I’ve seen a lot more Alan Parker films than I realised. ‘The Commitments’ was one of my favourites back in the day. Been a while since I watched it – might have to rectify that soon.

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    1. That’s what struck me when I read the article as well.

      I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have never seen The Commitments. I must rectify this soon.

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