While in the garden recently, I found this guy on my corn. My limited insect identification skills are enough to know that it’s a grasshopper (watch me get corrected in the comments now 😉 ), but I have no idea as to what type.

More importantly, is it edible?


On a side note, attempting to identify bugs is something that I’m finding quite interesting even though I’m rubbish at it. If anyone can point to any relevant resources, it would be much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Grasshopper

      1. So that gives me a 48% chance of it being a Chorthippus biguttulus — one of the most common European species. No surprise there then.


    1. The “most” is the problem for me. I don’t trust myself enough to spot the few that aren’t. I don’t pick wild mushrooms for the same reason.

      The app does look good. I’ve been playing around with it a bit yesterday and I really like the fact that it gives a percentage certainty — it gives me some idea of how accurate the identification is.

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      1. Well, yes, if there is any uncertainty I would forego it, lol. Especially mushrooms. I know people who can pick them but there are such nuanced differences between safe and unsafe that I don’t try it.

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