Mad compromise of the moment

I went to the drink shop today. As with shops everywhere at the moment, they have a one-way system through the store and a screen at the counter. The screen has clearly been causing them a problem.

I generally buy beer by the crate and also, since it’s summer, I also picked up a big bag of charcoal. All of this I loaded onto my very low trolley along with several bottles of soft drinks. When I say the trolley is low, it’s a plank of wood on castors which comes about as high as my ankle. There’s a metal bar at a more normal height so it can be easily pushed, but the crates are very close to ground level and this is the problem.

Normally, in the years Before Corona, the shop assistant would lean over the counter so she could see what I had on the trolley. In these days, After Disease she can’t lean over the counter because there’s a great transparent shield in the way. This has made things a bit of a faff for the last few months, but they have now found a compromise.

The barrier is still in place but they have turned the till around so the assistant can now stand on the same side of the barrier as the customers.

I give them ten out of ten for finding a creative solution, minus about four hundred for completely missing the point.

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