Five Things #39

68:Hazard:Cold by Janelle C. Shane is a first encounter story, set on a cryogenic exoplanet and starring an escaped housekeeping robot. There’s also beeping.

“If a tie-in between an Anglo-Australian mining conglomerate with a history of scandals and a secretive Nestlé-owned coffee company doesn’t calm the doubters, what will?” Ed Cumming looks into how Nespresso’s coffee revolution got ground down.

Will Koehrsen has some lessons on How to Lie with Statistics and the importance of data (and statistical) literacy.

Scarfolk Council looks back at the infamous Class 3 school illustration.

Denzil visits the Erps-Kwerps Vijvers.

2 thoughts on “Five Things #39

  1. Didn’t know nespresso had been around so long. I went through a phase but the stove top is so much better that I’m prepared to put in the time for a good cup of coffee these days.

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    1. I hadn’t realised how long Nespresso had been around either. I was never tempted, though — I could see the cost of the capsules quickly adding up to something prohibitive and stayed well away.

      The stove-top makes far and away the best coffee I’ve had. It’s definitely worth putting in the time.

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