Feeding the caffeine addiction

Many years ago, we treated ourselves to a new coffee machine. We have, in fact, been through several, but this one was a combined espresso and filter machine.

Trying to add too many functions to a single machine can be a mistake — especially when the machine in question was relatively cheap to start with — and so it proved with this one. The espresso part was okay, but the filter had an annoying tendency to leak all over the place.

Eventually we gave up on it. We replaced it with a dedicated filter machine and I treated myself to a stove top moka pot.

Since I had a bit of time yesterday I thought that now would be a good time to bring the espresso machine back out of retirement. Partly because it was there, but also so that I could make coffee without having to fight for stove space as mealtimes approach.

Now it’s all set up and working well. I will probably use it on occasion but nothing beats the moka pot when I want a really decent cup of coffee.

4 thoughts on “Feeding the caffeine addiction

  1. The stove top moka is my go-to if I want a really good cup of coffee, but if time is an issue (or indeed stove space) then the Aeropress is a pretty good alternative and very travel friendly for the days when going holiday was an option.

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