Wild blackberries

When I go walking I pass a lot of wild blackberries. Clearly it’s the climate for them in this area — even the carefully cultivated berries in my own garden are thriving.

We also have vegetables, and these have not done as well as in previous years. A large part of the problem was that the garden centres were still closed when we were getting ready to plant and consequently I ended up attempting to germinate whatever seeds we had to hand.

Many germinated, some didn’t. Of the seeds that germinated, a fair few didn’t survive being transplanted into the garden itself.

Still, we will have plenty of courgettes this year and the one pumpkin plant that has survived has just sprouted a flower — hopefully there will be more to come. We also have a fair bit of sweetcorn growing. No cobs yet, of course, but the plants themselves are growing very strongly indeed.

We also have weeds. Far too many weeds. I really do need to start getting these under control otherwise nothing is going to survive until autumn.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Wild blackberries

    1. Thanks, I really do need it.

      I’m afraid your on your own with your weeks. My own jungle is already more than I can cope with — and it never ends. As soon as I have finished, they start growing again!

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        1. It’s the same here. I can spend all weekend clearing weeds and they’ll all be back by the following week.

          We have chickens. I’m sometimes tempted to let them loose on the weeds, but I suspect they’ll eat all of the vegetables as well.


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