Five Things #38

Single Malt Spacecraft by Marie Vibbert is a superb tale of time dilation and the economic opportunities and social effects of near-light-speed travel. It even comes with a recommended whisky pairing. What more could you want?

It’s often been noted that it is pretty much impossible for a Hollywood blockbuster to make a loss. It’s also almost impossible for any of these films to make a profit. Karl Smallwood explores the dark art of how Hollywood studios manage to officially lose money on movies that make a billion dollars.

“Being able to speculate on possible future outcomes is part of what makes us human… While engagement with the present is integral, so too is our ability to imagine different futures—both the kind to strive toward, and cautionary tales we hope to avoid.” Lindsay Ellis on how science fiction makes sense of the present.

Kira Allmann visits the remote British village that built one of the fastest internet networks in the UK.

Itsabrewtifulworld explores Dionysian Aarschot.