Covid: Resurgence and risk

While the Covid infection rate is still trending downwards in Europe, there have been a few flare-ups and several areas have gone back into lockdown. In response, the European Commission’s research centre has launched a tool that provides an overview of which countries are most at risk.

It takes a while to load, and some of the data used can be a few days old, but it is interesting to see how various countries are coping. And clicking through to the underlying data is already proving to be far too much of a time sink for me.

What really leapt out at me when I first saw the map, though, was just how vast is the discrepancy in infection rates between England, Scotland and Wales.

Stay safe, folks.

5 thoughts on “Covid: Resurgence and risk

  1. I hope to see the color map with the destruction of the economic system in each country because of the strange microbe. Do you think this will be possible?


    1. The challenge with these sorts of things is always to identify some metric that can be consistently applied. Once you have that, then you can start accumulating data, and once you have a large enough dataset, generating the map should be reasonably straightforward.

      That said, if someone did go to the effort of building such a map, I don’t really see what anyone would be able to do with that information.

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