GOMA fritillary

A couple of days ago, Claudette floated the idea of documented exercise. The idea is simple: Go take a walk, take a photo on the way and then post it.

I have already managed to make a habit of going for an hour’s walk every day, but I do like the idea of paying attention to what’s around me rather than simply trudging around the same circuit every day. And this is how I came to notice this little fellow.


I’ve not seen — or noticed — a butterfly like this before but, according to an image search I ran, she (probably) is a brush-footed butterfly, possibly a fritillary of some sort. Then again, I know nothing about insects, so I could be completely wrong.

The walk I take follows pretty much the same route every day, so I’m not promising to post everything every day — or with any regularity at all — as it could become very repetitive very quickly. But if I do see something, I will try to take a photo.

Now go take a look at Claudette’s Canadian flags.

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