Quote of the day: Nonsensical

The fundamental starting point is, yes, we’ve bought the wrong satellites.

— Dr Bleddyn Bowen, a space policy expert at the University of Leicester, on the UK government’s GPS strategy.

I was going to add a Chris Grayling joke. To be fair, though, he wasn’t actually involved in this latest bit of government incompetence.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Nonsensical

  1. Actually Paul I don’t think it’s such a big problem. These days they just need to print out the necessary forms and return them to Amazon. I hope Boris kept the original box they came in! 🙂

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  2. Haven’t heard much from Grayling of late but given the vast amount of incompetence on display at the moment I can only assume he’s taken on some kind of consultancy role…

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    1. Grayling was incredible, he seemed to see ineptness as a challenge to be accomplished. How he managed to last so long is a mystery.


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