Over the course of the lockdown I have tried to remain reasonably active and, after some trial and error, this has meant going for a walk for an hour every day. It helps that we live within walking distance of Totterpad so I can enjoy some pleasant scenery at the same time.

Normally, on a weekday, I would go immediately after I have shut down my work laptop for the day. That isn’t going to be possible today so I went at lunchtime instead.

It’s surprisingly peaceful on a Monday lunchtime, presumably because most of the kids are back at school, and some of the local fauna were out and about.


I knew there was deer in the area and have even glimpsed them on occasion (most notably the times when I have had to wait until late evening before going out), but this is the first time that they have hung around long enough for me to pull out my phone.

I should go out earlier more often.

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