The twins’ birthdays are fast approaching and, with primary schools and shops having re-opened and me still only working four days a week, the rest of us were able to go birthday shopping today.

As someone who normally hates shopping with a passion, I was surprised at just how much I found myself looking forward to the prospect of wandering into a shop and leaving with an armful of presents. After three months of lockdown this looked like quite a trip, even though we did come away empty-handed.

But stuff is ordered and we will be repeating the process on Tuesday.

On a side-note, I also discovered today that Cat Opoly is a thing, although it goes by the name of Kat-Nopoly in Dutch. And no, we left that particular novelty in the shop.

Since we had over an hour before needing to start the staggered school run, we stayed out for lunch. And that was a lot better than the shopping.

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    1. You’d be very welcome to a beer and some Belgian food any time you felt like popping over 😉

      The name Hollandia rings a bell. I’m not sure if I’ve actually tried it or just thought about it — I shall have to keep an eye out for it, probably when we are next in the Netherlands.

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