This is a bit of an addendum to yesterday’s post because, while the boys were busy harvesting strawberries, I realised that my long-suffering raspberry bush has finally started producing fruit.

It’s taken it’s time but the fruit was well worth the wait.

Looking forward a bit, I’m both optimistic and a little nervous about my blackberries.

I can see a lot of berries starting to ripen, as was the case last year. Then we went on holiday and a heat wave swept across the country so that, by the time ewe returned home, everything was dehydrated and the berries had dried on the vine (so to speak).

This year we have no holiday plans. We will have to keep watching the bushes.

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    1. Unfortunately (for you, not me) my partner is already talking about making jam. If she does, I very much doubt that anything will be left over 😀

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