That was the long weekend that was

Garden furniture is weird. At least, the way it’s priced is weird.

We have a table and set of chairs for eating outside and, while the table is still perfectly good, the chairs are starting to show their age somewhat. They are generally okay if you don’t sit on them but chairs that can’t be sat on is a tad suboptimal so we started looking around for more outdoor chairs.

Garden chairs are quite expensive, but much cheaper if you buy them as part of a set. This is why we now have eight new chairs and yet another table.

It all came from Ikea and was delivered on Friday. The boys all did a remarkably good job of putting the chairs together — the oldest, completely on his own and the twins with minimal help from me.

Since we have a table, we must also have drinks and it was off to the drink shop that I went. Here I discovered, much to my delight, that they are stocking Bass pale ale again which means that summer has definitely started.

You can fit a lot of board games around a big table and with the weather this weekend being absolutely glorious we have spent most of the time outside. This all culminated on Monday — a public holiday in Belgium — with a suitably large barbecue and a couple of drinks.

And now, having looked at the state of our barbecue, I think we’re going to have to start looking for another one.

How was your weekend?