Lightly Seared on 31st May

I quite enjoyed looking back at past posts last month, so I thought I’d do it again. The first thing I noticed was that I have posed a lot more on 31st May than I did on 24th April, going all the way back to 2006 — before we had kids.

There were several weddings taking place around that time and, after one of them, we were able to sneak outside to enjoy a Welsh sunset.

Then I have to jump all the way forward to 2011, a time when I was still listening to podcasts. The end of the month Starship Sofa had just been released with fiction from Michael Moorcock. The show is still online and still worth a listen.

In 2014, I wanted the boys to play outside and they wanted to play Angry Birds. We found a compromise.

In 2017 the Wacken Open Air hard rock festival decided to reduce their environmental footprint by installing a beer pipeline. Everyone should have a beer pipeline.

And this time last year, we went to Apenheul, a zoo of free roaming primates in the Netherlands.