It’s confirmed:

All Flemish primary schools may resume lessons for all years starting 8 June.

Each class becomes a ‘class bubble’ with no social distancing required within the bubble and no interaction allowed between the bubbles. This makes quite a lot of sense, I think, as it puts teachers in control of maintaining social distancing between classes rather than expecting large numbers of pre-teens to observe rules they don’t necessarily understand.

There will be a trial day on 5th June to see how it all works, and it looks like the local school is taping off parts of the field behind it already.

Secondary schools were already partially re-opened for some years, this will be expanded so that all years will have some days a week in school to finish their year. Classes are restricted to bubbles of 14 and the pupils here will have to observe social distancing measures.

We have no pre-school children in our household, but kindergartens are fully re-opening on 2nd June with no social distancing measures for the younglings.

I think we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The next diary date is June 3rd when we will hear the yes or no decision regarding bars and restaurants reopening on June 8th. We are waiting with bated breath.