Last year in July, with all three boys away at camp, Eve and I took advantage of the child-free week by going out for food. A lot.

So I was delighted to discover that the steering committee representing the different government levels and experts has decided to allow summer camps for children to go ahead starting from July 1st. There will, of course, be various restrictions in place but camp is camp and this will be good for all of us — especially if restaurants are able to re-open on June 8th as expected (or maybe earlier).

In another much needed easing of restrictions, Flemish educationalists are proposing to reopen nursery schools and allow more pupils to return to primary and secondary schools as of 2nd June. The proposal isn’t for a 100% return and we will have to see how things work in practice, but the boys are looking very cheerful at the prospect of seeing their friends again.

The next National Security Council meeting will take place on 3rd June with phase three of the lockdown exit plan provisionally (everything is provisional at the moment) planned for 8th June. Right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a nearly normal summer.

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