Five Things #32

How do you deal with a sentient hologram that thinks it’s Napoleon? Find out with Charles Payseur’s amusingly silly Foie Gras.

“Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Someone asked this question on Quora and Nate White replied in spectacular fashion. The original question has been deleted but nothing is ever gone for good, and a grumpy old man on LiveJournal has reproduced the answer in full. (Thanks to Denzil for the link)

2020 marks 60 years since ALGOL 60 laid the groundwork for a multitude of computer languages. Richard Speed looks looks back at the greatest computer language you’ve never used and grandaddy of the programming family tree.

More history, this time from Meilan Solly who uncovers the best board games of the ancient world. I’ve played six of them.

In an unassuming Brussels street, not far from Midi station, you’ll find Europe’s most productive independent animation studio. Ian Mundell visits Brussels animation studio, nWave.