I can haz haircut?

Yesterday’s big news in Belgium is that the lockdown exit phase 2 starts on Monday. This means, among other things, that hairdressers will be allowed to reopen. And not a moment too soon.

After two months in lockdown, my hair is quite a mess, to put it mildly. I did ask my partner if she wanted to have a go at it with the clippers but she refused, claiming that she was worried about exposing too much of my bald patch. Not that I will admit to having a bald patch — I’m just a little thin on top 😉

Still, on Monday I will be able to book an appointment for a socially distanced haircut. Although, with the various rules still in place, it will probably be June before I get to see a pair of scissors. But better late than never.

A number of other things will be allowed to reopen including, oddly enough, zoos and amusement parks. That said, however, day trips and other non-essential travel is still not allowed so I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to visit these attractions.

We shall see.

6 thoughts on “I can haz haircut?

  1. I cut his hair. Twice. Because…there’s this whole story attached.lol

    Maybe I should blog about it. Anyway, he’s happy, my dad is happy, the teenager isn’t happy yet but was happier (baby steps?) and now wants more off, so I don’t now, am I adding a new title to all my existing designates? Quarantine hair buzzer extraordinaire? lordy…

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    1. You absolutely should post the whole story. I am starting to develop something of a fascination with other people’s haircuts at the moments.

      The boys all had their hair cut at home, and they look fine. I did tell my partner not to worry about how my hair comes out if she cuts it — it’s not as if anyone is going to see it. But she still wants to let a professional cut my hair.


  2. Really, the whole point of opening barber shops (I don’t recall whether salons were opened at the same time) before day trips is so that you can look good for your partner while you’re working from home.

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