Zombie Dice

I have, over the past few months, come to quite enjoy push your luck dice games. These games all have the same — very simple — mechanic at their heart which involves rolling dice and calculating a score. Then you have to decide whether to re-roll to increase your score, but risk losing everything, or stop. The challenge comes from deciding whether to risk rolling again or whether it’s better to stay safe.

Zombie Dice is exactly the same, but with zombies. The game comes with a metal container and thirteen dice, which come with red, green and yellow. The sides of the dice are marked with brains, footsteps and shotgun blasts with the red ones being biased towards the blasts and the green ones being biased towards brains.

On each player’s turn, the player takes three dice at random, rolls them and puts any brains and shotgun blasts to one side. If you want to roll again, you draw more random dice so that (combined with any feet you have already rolled) you have three dice. And you roll them again.

When you decide to stop, you count up the brains and add them to your total score. If you didn’t decide to stop and reach three shotgun blasts, you’ve been blasted and you score nothing. And the first player to eat 13 brains wins.

Zombie Dice is a simple, portable and very quick to play game. It’s a fun way to pass ten minutes and I shall never tire of shouting Brainnns!

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