Slowly emerging

It’s official. Belgium will start to slowly emerge from lockdown on Monday with phase 1A.

This means a gradual return for work for those who were unable to work form home and fabric stores being allowed to open. We’ll need the fabric for the masks.

Handily, though, train stations across the country will be selling masks instead of snacks from their vending machines from Monday. So there won’t be any excuse to defy the new rules around wearing masks in stations and on public transport.

The rules around social gatherings are also being very slightly loosened and, in Brussels, a contact tracing test phase will be launched. The aim (in both Brussels and Flanders) is to have this fully operational by 11th May which is the provisional start date of phase 1B.

While this is a positive step, not much is changing for us yet. The schools are still closed and I will continue to work from home. I shall, however, do my patriotic duty and eat more chips.

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