25 kilometres, 5 hours

Belgium’s knooppunt network is a wonderfully simple idea. If you go for a walk anywhere in the country, you will encounter plenty of these numbered posts, each pointing the way to the next numbered post. This makes it very easy to map out a route for yourself simply by deciding beforehand which posts you want to visit.

And if you don’t know the area, sites like wandelknooppunt.be have plenty of routes from which you can choose.

With all of the kids’ activities currently cancelled, the local youth club has assembled a collection of age appropriate routes for families to follow. This is how I came to have started my first three day weekend on a 25 kilometre walk around the area.


It’s surprising just how much a walk like this reveals about the surrounding area. We passed a restaurant in the woods that I didn’t know about as well as a children’s petting zoo that we will need to note for future reference.

For the most part, though, it’s a walk in the woods and alongside a lake and a rather pleasant way to fulfil our daily weekly quota of exercise.

Of course, by the time we got home we were all tired and hungry and very quickly agreed that we deserved a pizza.

11 thoughts on “25 kilometres, 5 hours

  1. It would take a lot less effort to convince me I need a pizza so good effort. Looks like a brilliant way to spend the day though


        1. Zilvermeer. I almost lost my glasses there a few years ago, having forgotten I was still wearing them when I went down a water-slide. Luckily some kind soul found them and handed them in and they were returned to me with only minor scratches.


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