Three Day Weekends!

We saw this coming a month ago, but I have just been asked to reduce my working time to four days a week. We can count ourselves lucky in that we are able to afford the drop in income for the next few months and I can, therefore, look forward to having a lie in on Friday mornings.

With the kids doing school related work during weekday mornings, this gives me something of an opportunity to catch up on some of the (many) household and personal projects that I keep promising myself I will find time for.

Or I could put my feet up and put a dent in my ever growing pile of must-read books.

Either way, I suspect that Thursday night film night could well become a thing.

And film night means pizza night.

11 thoughts on “Three Day Weekends!

  1. I wonder if this is one of the ways the world will inevitably change post-corona? With the global economy taking such a big hit, it would make sense. Not that we are going to have more disposable income to go anywhere exotic on the extra day – which might not be such a bad thing either.


    1. It may well be. I work in an office and the current restrictions have done much to show just how little time we need to spend at the office — especially now when so much can be done with communication technologies.

      I think we are about to discover just how much of our time is spent usefully. There is no reason why we should have to spend 40 hours a week sitting in an office and either working more from home or working fewer hours are going to start to look more realistic.

      The only concern would be to ensure that lower paid workers — especially those on hourly rates — will still be able to earn a living wage. But this is far from being an insurmountable problem.


      1. Yes, it will certainly be interesting to see how work changes. I heard on the radio that the AA in the UK were suggesting greater investment in home wifi than roads as more people will be working from home


  2. Here is what usually happens: you have intensions! And plans! Maybe even a list!

    Instead you will supervise children with coffee or beer in hand and pretend to read your book while scrolling your phone.

    And snacking. Don’t forget the snacking.

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  3. I was about to say congratulations, and then I read drop in your salary. Yikes! I would have been frustrated, but it’s good it won’t come at a great cost to you. Hope pizza nights are going well!

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    1. The pizza nights are going great, possibly a little bit too great 😉

      As far as the drop in salary goes, we knew beforehand that this was likely and were, therefore, ready for it. Still, we are lucky that we can afford this adjustment so I’m not about to start complaining.


      1. This is definitely going to be a case of many employees accepting what we’ve got in a period of great insecurity, but even having a steady stream of income coming in will be a great comfort.

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        1. Very much so. Having a steady income means that we know where we are financially, and are able to adjust accordingly.


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