Coronabsurdity of the day: The Spanish edition

Most of Europe is in lockdown to a greater or lesser extent but, as Politico notes, there is still some confusion as to what exactly is and isn’t allowed.

And so to Spain which has some of the strictest quarantine measures in Europe. People are expected to stay in unless they need food or medicine, to walk the dog or go to work if absolutely necessary.

Notably, going outside for some exercise is not allowed, which brings us to today’s absurdity:

In the Basque Country, police threatened to fine a man for cycling to the factory where he works, on the basis that exercise is forbidden and therefore he should take public transport.

Because, obviously, social distancing is much easier if you’re on a bus.

8 thoughts on “Coronabsurdity of the day: The Spanish edition

  1. Ertzaintza, the autonomous Basque police, works under incredible political pressure. They under-equipped and first to be blamed for ultra-nationalist disturbances. As such, they often need to enforce contradicting orders. I’m certain this is what happened here. Thanks for posting.


    1. I don’t think we should read too much into this. To me, it looks like a case of conflicting rules (don’t go outside to exercise; do go out if you need to work) leading to absurd outcomes.

      There will probably be plenty of these situations cropping up, and I have to admit that absurdity often amuses me.

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  2. Oh dear, is he the live action version of Javert from Les Mis? I wasn’t aware that Spain’s lockdown restrictions were this severe, no exercise/very little sunlight isn’t great for mental health either.


    1. I hadn’t thought of the comparison to Javert, but it is a very good one.

      Spain’s lockdown has been very severe. I think they are starting to come out of it now, but they’ve had six weeks of no going outside at all. It has to have been hard, especially for families with young children.


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