Five Things #26

Safe, Child, Safe is an Obsidian and Blood Short Story from Aliette de Bodard. I now want to read the whole of this Aztec noir fantasy series.

Kristin Andrews and Susana Monsó point out that rats are sentient beings with rich emotional lives, and ask why they don’t get the same ethical protections as primates.

It’s a Brewtiful World visits Brasserie Cantillon, where he first discovered the joy of lambics and geuzes.

Hannah Wallace visits the town that stopped big bottled water.

Will Bedingfield looks at the strange evolution of conspiracy theories leading to coronavirus misinformation. Think before you share.

2 thoughts on “Five Things #26

    1. It does sound mad, doesn’t it. Conspiracy theorists often seem to reach a point at which they take anything and everything as proof of their pet conspiracy, regardless of how implausible their claims may be.

      You take care as well. Stay safe.


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