A classic of the genre

The genre being stupid people discover their actions have consequences:

An outraged Brexiteer has been ridiculed on social media for complaining about a queue at an airport in Amsterdam.

Colin Browning, who has been widely described by British media as one of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit, took to Twitter on Thursday to complain that about passport check wait times at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The tweet reads:

Absolutely disgusting service at Schiphol airport. 55 minutes we have been stood in the immigration queue. This isn’t the Brexit I voted for.

… and it’s worth clicking through because some of the responses are very funny indeed. But the bit that made me laugh was Colin’s claim that:

This isn’t the Brexit I voted for.

Yes it is.

5 thoughts on “A classic of the genre

  1. This is what will happen in America. And Canada.

    I saw it in a schoolyard two federal elections ago. One mom said “why can’t they make it easier?” I asked her whose campaign platform she was reading. She didn’t know what I was talking about. “Their websites, or news outlets that cover the people you’re interested in,” I answered.

    Oh she doesn’t have time, and it’s too confusing to her.

    I suggested she pick one topic that affects her directly (3 kids in elementary school, so education?) and go from there.

    She looked incredulous.

    It’s easy to complain after the fact, isn’t it. 😵


    1. It’s far too easy to complain after the fact and far too many people go out and vote without having any idea what or who they are voting for.

      In the case of this guy, he voted for the UK to leave the EU in order to restrict other people’s travel. And now he’s outraged to discover that his own travel is also restricted. I would really like to know what he expected to happen.

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  2. How sad that Brexiteers (when are we going to start calling them ‘racists’) expect to not face consequences for their decisions? I’ve recently read a book called We Need New Stories by Nesrine Malik (Guardian Columnist) who outlines how myths have been perpetuated by the media to maintain existing power structures & Brexit is covered as one of the topics. It’s fascinating to see how anything is being said to distance calling racists racist.


    1. You make a good point. Brexit has brought a lot of racists — and other bigots — out of the woodwork and given them the nod to behave in an overtly racist manner that, only a few years ago, would have been seen as completely unacceptable.

      Both the media and political class are at fault here for pandering to the size of the Brexit vote rather than pointing out the sheer stupidity of some of the stuff these people are coming out with.


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