The Harry and Meghan Show

Did you know that divorce rates typically shoot up after Christmas? It’s true.

More time is spent with in-laws, which for many spouses is not a pleasant experience, and soon the pressure on the relationship starts to build up. There is in many households a higher consumption of alcohol which can result in things that were held back being vocalised, or to inappropriate behaviour in the family setting or at a work party.

And so to the ongoing press meltdown (in the UK, at least) over the news that the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to step back from their royal roles.

The royal watchers in the press seem to be at a loss as to while a couple at whom they have hurled abuse, every week, for the past three years might not want anything more to do with the press. So let me offer my first (and possibly only) opinion on the monarchy.

I have no idea how much time the Royal family spends together over the Christmas period, but I have no problem in imagining that, at some point, Prince Harry looked at his uncle Andrew and realised that, if he didn’t do something, that was what he had to look forward to.

It has been rare for anyone who marries into the monarchy to survive the unrelenting attention of the media and, in Meghan Markle’s case this is exacerbated by the unrelenting racism of many parts of the British press.

In choosing to put the needs of their own family ahead of those of those of an institution of which they will never be a significant part, Harry and Meghan have undoubtedly made the right decision.

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