The End of Christmas

Today marks the end of our Christmas break. The visitors have all gone home, the spare bed has been folded up for another few months and now all that remains is to clear up a bit and start getting ready for school and work tomorrow.

The tree is still standing, of course, but it will be disassembled and put into storage before too long.

But first, I shall start scrolling through the long list of articles and blog posts that I haven’t gotten around to over the past couple of weeks and start catching up.

How’s your 2020 going so far?

5 thoughts on “The End of Christmas

    1. That’s quick going.

      We’ve had a plastic one for at least 10 years — probably longer — and it always takes a while before we grt around to taking it down. Months, sometimes 😉

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        1. Yes, I fully understand that, and wouldn’t be in the slightest surprised if our tree is still up in April — or even later.

          This has happened before 😉


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