Happy Dance

I was talking to one of the twins this evening about why our Wednesday night pizzas have been cancelled and, while doing so, I opened up the pizzeria’s website to show him the opening days.

I was stunned to discover that they’ve changed their opening dates again. They are now closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays but, much more importantly, open on Wednesdays.

So I now have the boys orders and, tomorrow, I shall be making my usual trek and will find out if Wednesday night is still cheap pizza night.

We still have a stack of emergency pizzas in the freezer, just in case it all goes pear-shaped but I’m feeling optimistic and will be spending the rest of the evening doing my (potentially incredibly annoying) happy dance 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Dance

    1. Pizzapocalyse sounds about right.

      They were unexpectedly closed last Wednesday, so we had to fall back on supermarket pizzas, which just aren’t the same.

      Now the website says that they are back to being closed on Monday and open on Wednesday, so the Wednesday pizzas are back on. Just as long as they are still cheap 😉


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      1. Time to make your own dough. Put it in the fridge, then have the boys add their own toppings. If you precut the stuff beforehand it’s not a lot of work (but someone needs to do the stuff ahead of time to make it speedy). 🙂

        Or, plead your case and tell them you’ll keep them in business!! 🙂


        1. If the boys start doing their own toppings, it’s only a matter of time before one of them decides to invent Marmite pizza 😉

          Hopefully the opening times will get back to normal sometime soon, although they have already changed once this evening (still open on Wednesday, though), so we have a plan B — just in case 😉

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