21 Kilos of pumpkin

We have more pumpkins. This is the most incredible plant. Once it’s in the ground, I do absolutely nothing apart from a (very) occasional spot of weeding and yet it keeps on growing and today we harvested two more.


The big on is 21 kilos, the largest we’ve managed so far, and there are more out there still growing strongly.

I’m ready for Halloween now.

2 thoughts on “21 Kilos of pumpkin

    1. I was surprised at how heavy it was when I lifted it. It’s quite a weight.

      As for lighting it, we generally use bicycle lights — the cheap small ones. It’s something we started to do when the kids were young because small children and open flames sounds like a bad combination.

      The lights turned out to work really well, though, giving the pumpkin flashing red eyes that are remarkably effective.


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