We don’t let the boys use their tablets on school nights which can lead to me feeling a bit bad if one of them wanders into the office and catches me looking at Board Game Arena. So today’s Wumo strikes a little close to home.


That said, I do stay away from the phone while the kids are around and I try to ensure that any online activity on my part is limited to stuff that actually needs to be done.

3 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. Easier said than done…

    Sometimes I get accused. They don’t always get it though…my online activity is significantly different from my teen’s: he consumes videos mostly (fortnite, minecraft, sports), I read and write (only game I used to play is solitaire) 😂. I tell him if he’s reading online he can keep staring at his phone. 🙂 (he’s not, used to read more but not now…hope it comes back)


    1. YouTube is the issue here as well.

      If the boys were playing Minecraft I would be a lot more easy-going about tablet usage. But I know full well that, once the tablets are started, it is only a matter of time before they all end up vegetating in front of Minecraft videos. So, no tablets.

      As for reading, we got an eReader for the eldest boy, which worked really well until he lost it.

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