Enchoperation Update

Back in February I attempted to cut down a tree. It’s quite a big tree and the branches were stretching over the road, managing to cause problems for anyone trying to bring a van down the street. I say attempted because, although (with some help) I managed to remove the branches, the trunk proved too much of a challenge for my underpowered chainsaw and borrowed ladder.

And now it’s gone. And yes, I did have a lot of help.

The original plan was to remove the root as well but, given the risk of causing our wall and the neighbour’s drive to collapse, we decided that it would probably be best to leave it where it was. So this stump is all that remains of the almighty tree.

This means, of course, that I shall be spending the next few weekends chopping and clearing. I think we’re going to have enough firewood for the next three years.

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