We had a bit of a storm last night. And it struck, inevitably, as I was walking back from the bank. In fact is struck so hard that I was almost knocked over by the horizontal wall of water that hit me.

On the plus side, being on foot meant that I was able to easily navigate around the tree that had fallen across the town’s main road.

Once home, I discovered that the noise had awoken one of the twins and he was being reassured by his mum. The mood instantly lightened when I walked in, because seeing a drenched dad squelch into the house is so funny that all fear is forgotten. So I squelched a few more times provoking enough laughter to awaken the other twin.

At this point my sympathetic partner mentioned that she had heard the outdoor furniture being blown around, her bike was still outside and, since I was wet already, could I go out and check.

Squelch. Squelch. Squelch.

It doesn’t look like there was any significant damage — a few branches were blown down and the terrace is a bit of a mess, but if that’s the worst of it then I won’t complain.

I have to admit that I saw a lot less devastation this morning on the way to work. The roads were reasonably clear and the trains were running, although delayed because one of the lines was closed.

The weather forecast is predicting more rain tonight but, thankfully, not another storm.

6 thoughts on “Squelch

    1. It had stopped raining by this morning but, according to the forecast, it will start again at about the same time as I start walking home with the pizzas.

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  1. I’m baffled that there’s this much rain in June. I’m guessing summer won’t truly begin until July which is a shame. I’m surprised to hear you’re a father, I can’t recall reading that before in your posts, I had assumed (wrongly) that you were in your early-mid twenties.


    1. The weather is all over the place at the moment. It’s really hot and sunny for a few days and then we have a torrential downpour. The last one was so bad it (slightly) damaged the roof.

      It’s always nice to be mistaken for someone younger (I think 😉). But no, I’ve already hit middle age and have three sons.


      1. I think there must have been a subconscious bias on my part, mostly due to your views being much more reflective of people in their twenties. Well, that’s still nice to know!


        1. I’m quite pleased to hear that. I do think that I am still quite idealistic, so it’s nice to see that that still comes across.

          Thank you 🙂

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