Way back in 2014, we acquired a trio of chickens. Chickens don’t live that long and when the first one died, Eve decided to go out and buy three more, and so we had five. Of those five, three grew old and died and two decided to up sticks and move in with the rooster next door.

This left us with no chickens at all. Until Friday.

And now we have three again and, I’m promised, these are a bit tamer than the last lot and less inclined to climb over, under or bite through the fence that should keep them safely in their chicken run.

We shall see.

7 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. This is the first I’ve ever seen anybody on WordPress say they actually have chickens! Is it just like how it is in Friends? I really want a pet unfortunately my sister is allergic to a lot of things and pets.


    1. I don’t remember them having chickens in Friends. That’s just me, though. I saw a fair few episodes of the series but was never a huge fan.

      As for the chickens, they are very easy to look after. They just need a bit of space to scratch around and somewhere sheltered to roost and then it’s just a case of collecting eggs on a regular basis.

      The other thing is that they eat pretty much anything, so we now have zero food waste. Chicken bones still go in the bin, but everything else is eaten by the birds.


      1. It was a chick, so a slight difference there! Oh, that’s a shame. Out of curiosity, which sitcoms do you like?

        That sounds fairly straightforward, sounds easier than having a cat/dog as a pet.


        1. I don’t watch a huge amount of TV these days so my taste in sitcoms probably dates me a bit — Red Dwarf is the series that immediately springs to mind. I was also a huge fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in all of its incarnations, including the TV series.

          And Fawlty Towers of course.

          Chickens are certainly much easier to look after than a dog. Now you mention it, they do require less work than the cats, although I find these are pretty low maintenance animals as well.


          1. Lots of sci-fi, I see! I struggle with the terminology used in sci-fi, but I did enjoy The Force Awakens.

            Just recently added Fawlty Towers to my Netflix list, a relative gave me a glorious review.


          2. I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, The only problem I had with it was that Kylo Ren didn’t look old enough to be the villain he was portrayed as. But that’s probably just me.

            The Last Jedi was very good as well and I am looking forward to seeing The Rise of Skywalker at Christmas, even though the title worries me a bit.

            Fawlty Towers is superb. It was a great series when it was made and is still funny today.

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