The joy of commuting

Normally my train journey into work takes 43 minutes. Today it took over two hours. According to my NMBS App (which, I have to say, is pretty good at keeping you informed as to the state of the Belgian railways as well as being a handy route planner) there was a fire between Brussel Noord and Brussel Centraal.

My usual train is a direct train to Brussel Centraal, stopping at Brussel Noord. So that was cancelled.

There was a train to Leuven. Lots of trains go through Leuven, and it’s in the right general direction, so on I jumped.

When I reached Leuven, the available information was telling me to head to Brussel Zuid (another detour) and take a tram. Fortunately (I think), the train from Leuven was so much delayed that, by the time it reached Brussels, the line had been reopened and I was able to go directly to Centraal station.

And when I finally walked into the office, 90 minutes late, I was informed that three people had taken the day off due to rail issues.

Bunch of lightweights.

6 thoughts on “The joy of commuting

  1. …. pahahahahhaha. The sheer dedication you put into it only to find out the others who faced the same issue just took the day off. Well, I guess next time you can call in and just say you deserve a day off for the amount of effort you put in last time to get to work! 😂


    1. I’m not sure it’s dedication or stubbornness on my part, but next time I will be much more likely to just go home. 😉

      It’s always a bit of a problem, though, because I can never be sure how bad the disruption is going to be or how long it will last.


      1. I mean you literally did the commuting equivalent of climbing mountains. Make sure to let them know during your annual review – they will not receive this level of dedication from another employee (clearly!)

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