Minuscule – Mandibles from Far Away

I thought I had talked about the Minuscule series previously on this blog, but a couple of searches didn’t turn anything up so I shall have to file that under Things I Meant To Do But Didn’t Get Around To. It’s a shame because the series of short films is a superb collision between the documentary style of National Geographic and the universe of Tex Avery in which animated insects experience their adventures against a background of real-world sets. The films are short, dialogue-free and very, very funny.

Many of these short films can be found online and there is also a DVD box set available if you prefer to watch in comfort.

What I hadn’t realised is that the folks behind the short films had also released a feature film (in French, of course, but when there is no dialogue this really doesn’t matter) in which a stranded young ladybug forms an alliance with a squad of black ants in order to retrieve a rather unusual treasure to the ant hive.

And now there is a sequel.

When the first snow falls in the valley, it is urgent to prepare its reserves for the winter. Alas, during the operation, a small ladybug is trapped in a box – to the Caribbean. One solution: reform the shock team.