3D Zebras

This is incredible. The Icelandic fishing town of Ísafjörður has painted a new zebra crossing so that it appears to be 3D.

Not only does the innovative design give foot-travelers the feeling of walking on air, it also gets the attention of drivers, who will be sure to slow down their speed once they spot the seemingly floating ‘zebra stripes.’ Icelandic environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla called for its placement in Ísafjörður after seeing a similar project being carried out in New Delhi, India. With the help of street painting company Vegmálun GÍH, his vision became a reality.

Now I want to go to Iceland, just to cross the road.

3 thoughts on “3D Zebras

  1. This looks amazing! I wonder if many people would visit Iceland for a photo-op? But that might be a difficult venture since it is a zebra crossing. What if someone is driving when they’re drunk? Or simply a drunk pedestrian? But I’m guessing it must have produced good results in India for it to be replicated in Iceland. Either way, I can’t wait to hear more about its impact!


    1. I probably wouldn’t go to Iceland just to see the zebra crossing, but if I ever do go to Iceland, I will be sure to go and have a look at it. It’s certainly very striking — I would be very interested to find out how effective it is.


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