Black Snake – La légende du serpent noir

As I was heading home yesterday, and walking through the station, I noticed that this poster had been put up all over the place.


My first thought was: That looks very silly.

My second thought was: I want to see this film.

Of course, one of the first things I did once home was to go and look for the trailer. Based on this, the film looks incredibly silly. And I really want to see it.

The trailer, like the film, is in French but I found a synopsis on YoVideo and ran it through Google Translate:

After years spent in Paris, Clotaire Sangala returns to his native country, Africa. Raised by a Chinese martial arts grandfather, convinced to have been found in a garbage can, Clotaire knows nothing of the glorious past of his parents. Hooked on women and easy life, selfish and unambitious, Clotaire will yet be overtaken by his destiny… He will become “Black Snake”, the super-masked super-hero, liberator of the people against the dictator Hezekiah.

It looks like the film is a parody of many of the superhero tropes we have become familiar with over the past few years, and there is enough slapstick in there to keep everyone entertained.