Justice League

As well as Thor: Ragnarok, we also started catching up on some of the DC films that we’d missed over the past few years, specifically with Justice League. I’ve always been a bit wary of the DC Extended Universe as the reviews tend to be lukewarm at best and, since there are so many other films to see, this is a franchise to which we keep not getting around.

That said, I loved the Wonder Woman film and can’t wait for the sequel, so how bad was this film really likely to be?

Well, it can dull and it can be ponderous and it can take itself way too seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to care about any of it.

Another end of the world approaches and Batman and Wonder Woman bring together a team of superheroes to save humanity and a large part of the problem is that we don’t actually see much of humanity in the film. We see a lot of the Justice League and these are the DC heroes that we all know but, in this instance, none of them felt like they had any real depth to them. This left me with the sense that I was watching a bunch of special effects doing special effectsy stuff to each other.

Maybe this is why I found the CGI to be so noticeable. Or maybe it just wasn’t very good. Either way, I could see the joins and was distracted by them.

The core problem, though, is that Justice League has no sense of fun to it. While there is an occasional joke, these tend to be few and far between and generally fall flat.

Justice League was directed by Zach Snyder and I have to admit that I am not Snyder’s biggest fan. The sense I always get from his films is that he puts a lot of effort into making every surface detail look exactly right, but fails to pay the slightest bit of attention as to why any of this might matter. The result is invariably slick but dull and Justice League is no exception.

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  1. Wonder Woman is the only DC movie we own and we have high Hope’s fir a sequel. Unsure as to why makers of DC universe movies don’t get it. They need to reign in the “over the top” CGI and put more into the stories. The MCU will always be our favorite.

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  2. I have high hopes for the Wonder Woman sequel as well. And I saw a report today saying that Patty Jenkins, the director, is already talking about a third Wonder Woman film.

    As long as she stays on board, I think I will remain very happy.


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