Code Yellow

It snowed in Belgium this morning. Apparently.

According to the news reports, West Flanders has been coated in a light carpet of snow and the cold front is heading inland. This being Belgium, the Met office has issues a Code Yellow weather alert, indicating dangerous driving conditions.

There was no snow when I climbed into the car this morning and, even though I got up a little earlier than usual, just in case, the driving conditions to the station were better than they were on Friday.

In Brussels, we’ve seen a couple of flurries, nothing is settling.

According to Wttr, however, we’re in for a blizzard this afternoon. I will believe this when I see it.

That said, I like Wttr. It is the simplest weather site I have seen and it gives me a cruft-free overview of the weather forecast for today and tomorrow. When I check the weather, all I really want to know is whether I should wear a coat and Wttr gives me that information quickly and simply.

The site also appeals to the nerd in me in that I can also display it in a terminal. Simply typing curl will give me the forecast without my having to open a browser.

Looking out of the window again, some of the snow is starting to settle, but there isn’t much of it.

6 thoughts on “Code Yellow

    1. It’s always nice to look at — especially when I’m at home and have the fire going 😉

      From the looks of things, it doesn’t look like we are going to see much more than a light sprinkling of snow. The wind is quite cold though — it’s an icy blast every time I step around a corner.

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        1. It was -3 here this morning. Luckily I have a plastic sheet to cover the windscreen, so no scraping for me 🙂

          I’m not looking forward to the walk back to the station this evening 🌨️

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  1. Bah. Wind chills in 🇨🇦 in the -20s…but tomorrow it’ll be +4 so all the ice will melt into a brown, icky, salty, clumpy, slushy mess. Which will the refreeze.
    Overnight. 🇨🇦🙃😉

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    1. Belgium is a lot like Britain in that the climate is so mild that everyone starts to panic as soon as there’s any snow at all. One of the motoring organisations was even suggesting that we should all work from home today and the weather was nowhere near bad enough to justify that.

      The only problem I have us when the snow melts and refreezes as ice. Our drive is on a slope and reversing uphill on an icy surface is no fun at all.


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