Latice is a shape- and colour- matching game, similar to Qwirkle but without the scoring. Instead, the aim is to be the first player to get rid of all of your tiles.

The tiles are placed on a 9×9 board. The first player puts a tile in the centre of the board and for every subsequent turn, the player must place a tile next to an existing tile so that it matches either the colour or the shape of every neighbouring tile.

There are also wind tiles, that let you blow other tiles out of the way (this is especially useful near the end of the game) and stones that you can earn and spend to gain various advantages.

This is the sort of game that I love. The rules are simple enough that anyone can pick them up without much effort yet the design of the game ensures a depth that keeps you coming back to play again. And again.

We played several rounds of Latice this weekend and I can see the game being played many more times in the run up to Christmas and beyond.