Amidst the increasingly hysterical Brexit coverage among some parts of the UK press (which will probably get a lot worse before the Tory conference is over, this comment from Chris Grey is worth repeating:

Britain, through its vote and its government’s actions, has chosen to leave and to do so in the form that it has. That entails losing all of the benefits of membership of the EU and of the single market. It is not bullying or punishment to be expected to face the consequences of that choice. Britain has not been forced by foreign aggression to ‘stand alone’: it has chosen to do so. It has backed itself into a corner, through lies and fantasies about the practical realities of what Brexit would mean. It is now in danger of telling itself lies and fantasies about why that has happened.

Britain voted to leave and Theresa May allowed her lunatic right to drag her into committing to the hardest, stupidest and most self-defeating version of Brexit possible.