A future Darwin Award winner

From The Register comes the news of a YouTuber who valiantly attempted to select himself out of the gene pool by cementing his head inside a microwave.

The channel’s two stars – Jay Swingler and Romell Henry, of Fordhouses, Wolverhampton – mixed several boxes of Polyfilla (spackling paste for our US readers) before inserting Swingler’s head, bound in a plastic bag with a breathing tube, into a microwave full of the quick-setting plaster.

Swingler (understandably) found it difficult to breathe despite inserting the tube. Henry and other friends struggled to break through the solidified paste using metal tools and an electric drill, before calling the fire brigade and ambulance.

Emphasis mine.

The emergency services managed to free Swingler from the contraption after an hour and a half, so no Darwin Award for him this time. But I’m sure it won’t be long before success strikes him down.