I was quite a fan of John Woo back in the day. Films like The Killer, Bullet in the Head and Hard Boiled were violent in ways I had never seen before and hugely fun to watch.

Time moved on, Woo moved to Hollywood and life got in the way of me keeping up with his more mainstream output. But maybe I should make more of an effort because, according to Peter Bradshaw, Woo is back with a vengeance with his latest film, Manhunt.

Manhunt zooms and crashes along like a stick-shift car, with Woo at the wheel careening between action set pieces, broad comedy, champagne-swilling party scenes, flashbacks and swoony emotional moments. Of course it is a little absurd, and audiences are entitled to ask how Du Qui has not been implicated in Sakai’s drug conspiracy, especially as the bad guy clearly thinks that his lawyer knows enough to require taking out. But this film offers something that is never in sufficiently
plentiful supply: fun.

I shall have to start watching those cinema times again.