The Poo Card Game

Because who doesn’t like flinging poo at each other? Fortunately, this is a card game and not for real. And it’s quite a fun card game if you are playing with a pair of seven-year-olds.

What you get is about 100 brightly coloured cards which you play to throw poo, defend against or dodge poo or clean yourself — along with a few event cards just to stir things up a bit. The object of the game is to throw poo at your opponents without getting too covered yourself — if you do, you’re out of the game and the last monkey standing is the winner.

The gameplay itself is remarkably simple and both of the twins picked it up very quickly — even down to reading the special instructions on some of the cards. I think the design of the cards helps a lot here, not only are the cards fun to look at but there is a consistency among card types that makes it very easy to see what sort of hand you have.

That said, there is an element of strategy to the game which keeps the game interesting even after the initial novelty has worn off. Admittedly, we only opened the game today, but I can already see many ways of using and combining cards to gain all sorts of advantages.

All in all, this is a quick, easy to learn, easy to play and entertainingly silly game that moves along at a pace that ensures that no-one gets bored. Indeed, defending against poo and dodging rebounds keeps everyone involved even when it’s not their turn.

We shall certainly be playing this again, and I would love to see how it works in a much larger group.